Why Aluminium?


Aluminum metal is obtained from bauxite, is a versatile, durable, practical, safe, durable, functional, and especially metal 100% recyclable, which makes it has an eternal life cycle.

The aluminum is considered the subject of the future, is present in various forms in modern society and it was assumed as a material of excellence.

In construction is synonymous with beauty, longevity, modernity and constructive intelligence. Products such as windows, doors, gates, roofs, and other solutions are easily mounted and handled, add a touch of sophistication, functionality and good taste to the projects.

Durable and weather-resistant, aluminum products have an average life over 40 years, and do not require regular maintenance.

Being an infinitely recyclable material brings advantages in eco-efficiency and combined with thermal break, provides great insulation and contributes to savings in electricity.

Also important to note that aluminum allows numerous architectural possibilities favoring the best use of natural lighting.

with polished, anodized or painted, traditional or lacquered wood finish, is the right material to build or rehabilitate a home.